Tuesday, 25 July 2017

“A journey of Re- Birth” - Prison Experience

Ever grateful to India Vision Foundation to give us an opportunity to watch closely “A journey of Re- Birth” - How lives transform within boundaries. 

An impeccable dedication with which India Vision Foundation in collaboration with authorities at Dasna & Faridabad District Prison are giving re-birth and shaping lives of inmates and transforming them with necessary skill sets, creating family atmosphere, looking after the children, so that when they step out, they contribute as responsible citizens.These inmates are given a platform to learn various things through a comprehensive 3 S Model approach (3S Sanskar - Value Education), Shiksha (Education), Skill - Training & Development).Both the jails are different in various aspects like location, staff, sanity, programs, etc.

Dasna Jail of Ghaziabad,is a little congested and crowded.A barrack with a space of 50 inmates occupies 65 inmates. In the case of misbehaviour, the inmates are put in segregated cells. Having seen crèches, where children of inmates are given a healthy lifestyle, Learning from the pre-school education provided to them by the coordinators from the IVF team. We were overwhelmed to witness their morning prayers and going through their scrapbook & artbook gave us immense joy.The number of female inmates is more in Dasna is more than Faridabad. IVF in collaboration with both the jail authorities provide inmates with library, yoga classes, everyday prayers, mehendi classes, painting classes, dancing classes, singing classes, craftwork, engineering work, furniture work and with basic & adult education.All the jail facilities that are available for the inmates are only open for access on payment. Also, inmates work &earn money inside prison.
The well-lit and ventilated Faridabad district jail is a huge property that provides a peaceful atmosphere for the prisoners. Female ratio is less in comparison to the male. Both the Jails are entirely different in respect to culture. The inmates performed bhangda (Punjabi dance), Sang along with music & drums, showed us their beautiful paintings and wooden clocks. There is a stitching cell that fixes cloths of the inmates. All the fans inside prisons are made by the inmates itself. In case of servicing and failing to function, the fans go back to the activity centre and the inmates fix it. To my physical observation - The prisons now days are styled as correctional institutions rather than as an institution for punishment. 

With evolution of the society and the increasing importance of human rights we have moved into an era of reformation from the era retribution.The main objective of the prison is to covert the inmates into ordinary members of the society by promoting them useful skills, education & respect for law which is very well executed by the prison project managers & coordinators of India Vision Foundation in Dasna& Faridabad jail.

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