Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Prison Visit Experience

I didn't know what prison would be like- I'd never been to one. I expected it to be a dull and gloomy place. Instead, once I stepped out of my car to Bhondsi prison in Gurugram, I could see colors, flags, and paintings which the inmates had made. After entering in, I was lead to the male vocational training center through a pathway next to a large region filled with greenery. This center is where a lot of the male inmates learn stitching, art and crafts, dancing, and music. I received an extremely warm welcome from all the inmates and trainers present there. I visited each of the training and practice rooms to understand the benefits the inmates received from these activities. The activities provided them with a goal, hope, motivation, and skill which they could use post release. It was refreshing to see the brave and happy front they put in the face of hardships. I also saw some of the inmates get certified in a beautician course from VLCC- since it is a skill they can use to start a business post their release.

The female vocational training center was smaller due to the population yet had similar activities as the male center such as stitching. They were creating beautiful jute bags and cotton clothes- it is a real and beneficial skill for them to learn for future job opportunities. India Vision Foundation regulates and encourages skills, such as chocolate making, being taught to the inmates. It was wonderful to see the inmates sit in adult literacy classes and sing religious songs to keep them busy and give them goals to achieve. My overall experience at the prison was delightful as I saw the high spirits the inmates held in the face of adversity. 

Author of the Blog - Ms. Smera Bhatia, Student, MilBurn High School, New Jersey, USA

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and does not reflect the opinion of the foundation. 

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