Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Music Therapy inside Prison

At Bhondsi prison in Gurugram, with the guidance and support of India Vision Foundation, a few of the male inmates have formed a music group in which they compose and perform songs and religious tunes. A few of the inmates believe that joining this group helps them get released earlier since it connects them closer to god. This may be true but what is true for certain is the positive correlation between music and positive effects on the inmates' emotion and behavior. The inmates tend to experience anxiety, depression and poor social relationships. Music therapy has been proven to help with the treatment and feeling of all of those sensations and situations.

The inmates' music groups at Bhondsi Prison rehearse at the vocational training center inside the prison, which is facilitated by India Vision volunteers and trainers. They are provided also with instruments necessary to practice and perform their songs at various prisons. The inmates are also encouraged to partake in the friendly performing arts 'competition' that takes place at Tihar prison in Delhi. Inmates from different prisons and states come together to perform the songs they have been practicing in front of each other as a form of motivation and inspiration for each other.

In my opinion, music therapy affirms positive thoughts in the inmates' minds and gives them something worthwhile and encouraging to concentrate and spend their time on. It is a beneficial practice started by the India Vision Foundation at the prisons they have their jurisdiction in. 


Author of the Blog - Ms. Smera Bhatia, Student, MilBurn High School, New Jersey, USA

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and does not reflect the opinion of the foundation. 

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